3 Stealthy Health Hacks To Add Into Your Busy Lifestyle

by | Mar 15, 2018 | Health

The world of health in today’s world is chock full of should and should nots, that at times can hinder your ability to confidently make a decision on what the wisest health option may be. Though our bodies differ, and a diet that may work for one individual may not be feasible for another, here are three simple tips that you can mesh into your daily diet to sprinkle in the extra micronutrients that we all need.

Mix It Up
Smoothies and soups are sometimes either underrated or over processed, but can be the epitome of nutritionally dense meals if prepared properly. Forget the hype of the mainstream green smoothie. Kale and spinach don’t have to be the only vegetables making their way into your diet. Switch up your smoothies with other ingredients like carrots that can add sweetness, sweet potatoes for fiber or frozen avocados chunks that can add a source of healthy fat to keep you fuller for longer. These fibers and fats also give your body something to work off of to balance the sugars that are naturally found in fruits. In the afternoons, soups can be the savory option for nutritionally dense meals. All the vegetables and goodness that you chop and toss into it stays there. The micronutrients that boil together create satiating broths that are beneficial for your gut health and give your digestion a break. Plus, it’s agreeable that they taste better the next day.

Eat The Rainbow – Pick Three Colors For Each Meal
Ultimately, much of the stressors surrounding dietary swaps are dependent on simply not knowing what changes to make. Even if you don’t possess a grand amount of knowledge on nutritional facts, an easy life hack is to incorporate at least three different colors into your meals. The rumors that various colors represent an array of nutritional values is are true. Vegetables and fruits being made up of unique nutritional elements is what gives each of them their own look. A neutral option could likely be a protein source, whether that be chicken, fish or tofu, that should be accompanied with unprocessed options of color. By drawing your attention onto the visual appeal of your food, you can take a bit of the strain out of choosing the best superfood. In a slump? Go to the internet and search “purple vegetables” to find a quick fix to your color wheel rut.

The Freezer Can Be Your Friend, Even On A Diet
Countless news and magazine articles try to teach you that the inner aisles of the grocery store are your enemy, and sticking to the perimeter of the store is your surefire way to success. This tactic for stocking up on the essentials for the week may be a wise way to maneuver, but you have to be realistic with yourself. Determination can be undermined by last minute deadlines and projects that hold you at the office late, robbing you of time to wash the spinach or chop up the sweet potatoes. Having your favorite vegetables in a frozen options harbor less toxins than the canned equivalent and can be easily prepared. Remember that many fruits and vegetables that are frozen have to be picked at optimal ripeness before they are packaged. When frozen, they cannot continue to ripen so by opting for this route, you can ensure that you won’t miss that window of your bananas being ripe and suddenly going bad. Be cautious and scan the labels to check that only natural things are included in what you’re buying. Avoid anything you can’t pronounce, because odds are it shouldn’t be in there.

Weaving these three tricks into your daily routine will assist in achieving a healthier lifestyle without having to make major sacrifices. Make your meals count by revving up the nutritional density of each one. You’re sure to see an increase in your energy and overall well being that will infuse other aspects of life. Looking for ways to refresh your mental or physical health? See our posts on Renewing Your Mind and the Benefits of Regular Exercise.