Practicing Gratitude as a Family 

We can all agree that practicing gratitude regularly is important. It lifts our moods, helps us appreciate the big and small things in life, and gives us perspective. And if practicing gratitude as an individual is vital, imagine what it can do for a family that...

The word “grateful” is spelled out in colorful felt letters on top of a burlap surface.

Embodying Courageous Leadership 

What characteristics do you think of when you imagine a good leader? Words like “trustworthy,” “creative,” or “intelligent “may be at the top of your list. And as there are many qualities that make up an excellent leader, today we’re focusing on courageous...

A person’s feet overhang a river.

Lead Yourself Before Leading Others 

If you’re entering the journey of entrepreneurship, being a leader is a part of the job, whether you’re ready for it or not. But what if you’ve never been a “leader” before? One way to move forward with confidence is to lead yourself before leading others. ...

A man kayaks in the ocean with an orange sunset in the background.

Pointers To Avoid Stress & Be Healthier

People who want to be healthier are quick to examine their diet and physical activities. Yet, while eating the right food and exercising regularly are necessary, there is another very important factor that can help us maintain our health. This factor is the ability...

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