Ryan and Noella™: Focusing on Connection

Welcome to a little peek behind the curtain of the Olynyk family. We’re glad you’ve found yourself in this space, because we hope it’s one that will inspire you. In the same way that we love connecting with others in real life, we do treasure the connections we create in the online world, as well.

And speaking of connection … we want to dive a little deeper because we have realized, in reflecting on our life values, that connection remains at the core.

Connecting Through Faith

Ultimately, we believe that our faith deeply connects us to the world and people around us. Because of this, we passionately pursue living our life to the fullest! We want to enjoy God’s creation in every way. We feel fulfilled when faith remains at the center of our dreams for now and the future.

Connect as a family

The family connection is the greatest gift of them all. From the very beginning of our marriage, we knew that family always came first, and so we aligned our vision and goals with prioritizing time with each other and our kids. When we aren’t actively working toward our next big dream, you can find us playing games, enjoying the outdoors, participating in competitive sports, or traveling as a family.

Connection with People (Relationships)

As humans, we’re wired for connection with each other. There’s a deep need to belong and be part of something bigger than ourselves. We invest in relationships for this reason. Whether it be with family, friends, or acquaintances, we find purpose and joy in pouring into others and connecting human to human.

Connecting our Bodies (Health)

One core life value for the Olynyk family is our health. We want to be sure we are able to enjoy every moment of every day, so we make taking care of our bodies a top priority. Staying connected and in tune with our health allows us to enjoy the outdoors, partake in activities as a family, and live out the rest of our values together.

Connecting in Service

Making a lasting impact in this world is a core value in our lives. That’s why serving others is a part of our family’s life mission statement. We truly feel that this core value is woven within all the rest of them. Our faith compels us, our family inspires us, our relationships move us, and our bodies allow us to serve genuinely from the heart.

We’re all in this together.

What so much of living on this earth comes down to is connection. Knowing that we aren’t doing life alone is what motivates us to continue to prioritize each other and live a life of passion and service. We are intimately connected as humans, so let’s show grace, love, and compassion to one another.

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