Top 3 Benefits of Regular Exercise

by | Feb 28, 2017 | Health

It’s no secret that regular exercise is great for maintaining a healthy weight, and it’s also no secret that exercising regularly comes highly recommended by just about every authority in the health sector. But, that being said, there are some other benefits of regular exercise that aren’t quite as obvious—though they should be!

As if you needed more reasons to get out there and get exercising, here are the top three benefits of regular exercise that everyone should know.

Physical Activity Can Lower the Risk of Diseases

Chief among the diseases that regular exercise helps to combat is cardiovascular disease. Because heart disease and stroke (both subsets of cardiovascular disease) are the two leading causes of death in the United States, it only seems right that one of the top benefits of regular exercise would be combating these two ailments specifically.

It only takes a couple of hours of mild to moderate exercise per week to significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. And, the more you exercise (within reason), the less likely you are to suffer from a stroke or a heart attack.

Regular Exercise Can Strengthen Bones as Well as Muscles

Of course regular exercise strengthens muscles. That fact is pretty self-evident. But, what’s less evident is the fact that regular exercise actually serves to strengthen your bones as well as your muscles. This is particularly important for women, who are more susceptible to diseases like osteoporosis.

Even just bouts of moderate-intensity exercise can help to slow the loss of bone density over time, and low-impact aerobics can even help to slow the progression of arthritis. Keep that fact in mind if ever you’re thinking of skipping a workout. Your joints and bones will thank you!

Regular Exercise Can Actually Make You Happier

Last, but certainly not least, regular exercise can actually make you a happier person. Regular exercise naturally releases endorphins within the body, and those endorphins are what prompts a lift in mood.

Over a period of time, that mood enhancement becomes a steady side effect of exercise, and with maintained regular physical activity, you can actually become a happier person in general. Talk about an incredible benefit of regular exercise!