Setting the Example: Children and the Lessons of Success 

by | Feb 12, 2024 | Family, Leadership

Raising your children to be successful adults is one of the most difficult but rewarding experiences of a parent’s life.  Setting the example for them is the best way to ensure their success in the long run according to this study.  

Kids are a sponge for the energy that you put out into the world, so why not try to make it the best energy possible? Ready to put your best foot forward for the benefit of your children or the children in your life? This list of tips will help you (and in turn, your kids) skyrocket toward success.   

Have a Plan 

Being prepared to take on whatever life throws at you isn’t just beneficial for you, it can help your kids as well. Making game plans is a great way to provide structure in children’s lives, so that they do it for themselves in the future. A great place to start these habits early is with money. 

Having a good financial plan in place will help you control your money and prevent you from being controlled by it. This is a habit that a lot of kids don’t have the benefit of learning about. One study found that an astounding 68% of teenagers have zero idea on how to manage money. This won’t always be easy, as kids aren’t generally the most logical thinkers in the world. They might think it’s boring, and while they might not see the benefits at first, they’ll be thankful for the knowledge later. Need some advice on how to teach your kids financial literacy? Check out this article for help. 

Finances aren’t the only area of life where having a plan can help your kids grow. Kids thrive when given a specific role or part to play in any area of life, especially if there’s structure and routine involved. Here are a few more examples where planning with your kids can be beneficial for the both of you:  

  • Vacation planning 
  • Meal prep 
  • Chore lists 
  • Grocery shopping 
  • Back to school shopping 

Be sure to explain to your kids why planning is so important, and why you’re doing it. They will learn best when the results start to flood in.  

Keep Them Involved 

By watching you navigate life and setting the example, your kids will learn how to make choices that will form good habits for years to come. They might not understand this, and that’s why it’s important to include them in your decision making and explain to them why you’re doing things the way you do. If they feel like they’re being left out, they might not want to participate in future plans.  

Kids are always asking questions, and most of the time it’s important to answer as many of them as possible. Of course, it’s possible to over-explain things. You want to avoid this without lying to them. It’s possible to be truthful with your kids without telling them more than they need to know. Be honest with them by answering their questions at their level. 

Work as a Team 

When you set a positive example for your kids, and you keep them involved in your life, you are setting them up for success. You’re building a team relationship every time you experience something with them, and it will make you work together better.  It might not be for years down the road, but if you always keep their best interests in mind, they will be set for a strong foundation in their life.  

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