Practicing Gratitude as a Family 

by | Nov 8, 2023 | Family

We can all agree that practicing gratitude regularly is important. It lifts our moods, helps us appreciate the big and small things in life, and gives us perspective. And if practicing gratitude as an individual is vital, imagine what it can do for a family that practices gratitude together! 

We’ve gathered six ways to practice gratitude together, but first, let’s chat about why family gratitude is so important. 

Why Practice Gratitude as a Family? 

Life gets hectic. With kids, work, sports, school, events, and more, it’s easy to let family time hang out on the back burner. Finding ways to cultivate grateful hearts as a family gives us a chance to connect with each other in an intentional way. 

Head to this blog to learn more about why gratitude matters as an individual.  

Take the time to slow down, embrace gratitude, and spend time together as a family.  

Six Ways to Practice Gratitude as a Family 

Practicing gratitude takes conscious efforts, so let’s be intentional about weaving it into our everyday lives! Here are six ways to do that.  

A family holds hands around a colorfully decorated dinner table.

Dinner Table Chat 

One way to make gratitude a habit for the whole family is to make it front and center. While hanging out around the dinner table, go around the table to give everyone a chance to share a highlight of the day! Celebrate with each other and appreciate everyone’s wins! 

Sharing hardships is encouraged as well, because we’re all human and we want to support each other through tough situations, too. The point is it be together, express gratitude as a family, and be sure that each person at the dinner table is seen and heard. 

Nighttime Routine 

Practicing gratitude can simply be implemented during the “wind-down” portion of the day. After the kids brush their teeth and put on their pajamas, make space to spend time together as they lay in bed ready to go to sleep. Ask them about their days and encourage them to share one thing they are grateful for. 

A backlit letter board spells out “DANCE” with a small disco ball sitting in front of it.

Dance Parties 

It’s hard to be bummed out when you’re dancing! And gratitude is more than just words! It can be expressed through dancing! Nothing lifts the mood more than having an impromptu dance party with the whole family. Blast the music, smile, and have fun with it! 


This is more of an individual activity, but it can still be done together. The Great Good Science Center™ says that writing in a “gratitude journal forces [us] to pay attention to the good things in life we might otherwise take for granted.”  

If you have small children, here are some fun Amazon™ gratitude journals for kids. The prompts in the journals may be a helpful way to guide your kids in the practice of gratitude! 

A glass jar with a lid sits near a pastel note stack with a blue pen on top.

Gratitude Jar 

Have you ever heard of a gratitude jar? Similar to a gratitude journal, this activity allows you to write down what you’re grateful for. But the awesome thing about the jar is that the whole family can participate! Have a “gratitude day” once a week where everyone writes down one thing, they’re grateful for and puts it in the jar.  

You get to make this activity what you want it to be! Want to do more than just once a week? Go for it! Want to revisit what’s in the jar when you need a pick-me-up? That’s what it’s there for! Sit down once a month with the whole family and go through all of the notes. This will set the tone for the month to come!  

Giving as a Family 

A large part of practicing gratitude is giving to others. There’s nothing more gratifying. And teaching our kids at a young age that giving back to those around them and their community is the most invaluable lesson we can impart on them. This is what will create a legacy.  

Practicing Gratitude as a Family Matters 

Not only will you become closer as a family, but you’ll also build healthy mindset habits as individuals. Try implementing one or two of these tips and notice the difference that practicing gratitude makes! 

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