3 Family Health Challenges For the Holiday Season

by | Nov 15, 2020 | Family, Health

There’s a solid consensus that the holiday season marks the beginning of (almost) everyone’s fitness decline. With people’s focus on family and festivities, the latter months of the year are spent eating without guilt, and paying for gym memberships that go unused. Although the season calls for celebrations full of merriment, you don’t have to let your wellness goals fall by the wayside. Here are three health challenges that you can tackle with your loved ones this holiday season. 

1. 30-Day Vegan Challenge

You may have heard about the 30-day vegan challenge after the film What The Health made its Netflix debut in 2017. But if you’re a die hard meat-lover, you probably turned your nose up at the idea of surrendering your favorite foods. Although many people are less than eager to make such drastic dietary changes, going vegan (even if temporarily) has its benefits. A vegan diet can promote weight loss, lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, and increase your intake of vitamins and nutrients. To make the transition easier and secure moral support, get the whole family on board. Here are some tips to help you with the challenge:

2. Train for a Marathon

During the holidays, when high-caloric foods abound and family time is plentiful, a joint health challenge can be fun and effective. If you and your family members enjoy running, a marathon may be the perfect undertaking for the group. Running can reduce stress levels, improve your cardiovascular health, and strengthen your muscles. Training with your family is even more beneficial. Not only will it bring you closer together, it will help you hold each other accountable when it comes to forming good health habits.  Here are a few winter marathon options:

3. Social Media Detox

While most health challenges focus on your dietary habits and physical fitness, this one targets your mental wellness. As wonderful as social media can be, on occasion, we all need a break. It’s incredibly easy to become consumed with the latest twitter updates, instagram lives, and facebook posts that hit our feeds. However, if we pour all of our energy into maintaining our digital lives, our mental and physical health can suffer. This holiday season, why not vow to put your phone down and focus on the present? You can even enlist your family members to join in on the challenge. Together, you can spend the time saved on deepening your connections and improving your fitness. To help ensure your success, use some of the tips from the links below:

With a little determination, you and your family members can maintain your health this holiday season. Try one of these wellness challenges and enjoy the last few months of the year in tip top shape.