Is Your Faith Waning? Here’s How Physical Exercise Can Help

by | Jan 15, 2021 | Faith

To be able to exercise your faith is a wonderful blessing. Yet holding on to an invisible thing can also be challenging. It becomes even more difficult to cling to your faith during uncertain times. Problems and worries can make you question everything you believe in. However, since it is also during chaotic moments when we need faith the most, you are unlikely to regret doing what you can to keep your beliefs steadfast. If it seems like you have tried everything to keep your faith from unwavering to no avail, it is probably because you have been neglecting the need to engage in regular physical exercise.

How Can Physical Exercise Help Keep Your Faith Firm?

You may view physical health and spiritual faith as two different things but one research shows that healthier people also tend to religiously practice their faith. Moreover, since many spiritual beliefs often teach us to respect our bodies, it is not so hard to see the undeniable link between strong faith and a fit body. A weak immune system makes us prone to diseases that make it harder to have a tough spirit. So to keep your faith strong, it is a must to exercise regularly and nourish your body with healthy food. If you are still a bit confused about how to use physical exercise to keep you faithful, the following share a few suggestions:

Use worship songs as you workout.

Want to tone your body and soothe your soul? It is possible when you choose upbeat worship songs as background music while exercising. This is hitting two birds with one stone as the inspiring lyrics will help you fight negative emotions while the workout sessions will keep your body strong. To fully benefit from it, you can make it a part of your daily habit. You can even invite family members or friends to do it with you.

Merge exercise with your prayer time.

Maintaining regular physical exercise may be easier if you merge it with your prayer time. As an example, you can say your prayers just before or right after your workouts. If a morning jog or walk allows you to get a glimpse of nature’s beauty, it is a good idea to do your prayer or meditation there as it can serve as a reminder of the power of its creator. Likewise, to bask in the morning sun and pray after a good workout is such a refreshing way to start the day.

Listen to inspiring stories during exercise.

Instead of music, you can opt to listen to programs that celebrate the beauty of a faith-driven life. You can choose among the radio programs or social media channels available. There are interesting podcasts as well. By doing this, you can flex your body muscles and build inner strength as well.

In a world where everything can change in a moment, it is ideal to have something that you believe will remain constant no matter what such as your faith. It is like a force that can magically pull you out of the worst situation or refuge where you can be safe whenever frightened.