Wishing For A Happy Relationship? Time To Let Go Of These Myths

by | May 15, 2021 | Family, Relationships

You do not need to cite any valid stats to convince anyone that failed marriages far outweigh those successful ones. This statement even seems to be the accepted norm that people are more surprised to see couples who managed to make their union last till the end. Due to the rarity of successful relationships, many even assume that it is something only reserved for the chosen few. However, a close look as to why relationships turn sour may reveal that most of it boils down to having unrealistic expectations – your preconceived notions of what a satisfying relationship looks and feels like. There are many other reasons why couples break up but if you really intend to make things work, you have to let go of the following relationship myths:

You should always be together.

Quality bonding surely matters in building a relationship. However, no one said that couples need to be together all the time. You do not lose your individuality when you begin a relationship, so remember to respect each other’s need to be alone. By nurturing your own interests and separately engaging in activities, you give each other space to grow and as a result, even strengthen your relationship.

Your partner is bound to complete you.

We all heard that story of an incomplete, wandering soul that found bliss upon finding its other half. This story made many believe that finding a lifelong partner is bound to fill the void you have in your life.  Although a lovely thought, it is not so beneficial to think that you can never be whole by yourself. You can have your own journey in discovering your purpose and potential even when in a relationship.

You can change your partner for the better.

While it is hard to see someone’s flaw when you are infatuated, those who see their partner’s imperfections may think they can inspire change to happen. This belief may just disappoint you because the resolve to change should be a personal decision. It is not something you can force on anyone. As a partner, the most you can do is offer encouragement and support.

The right relationship is smooth-sailing.

Another myth is that good relationships are easy to manage. Everything flows naturally, so there are minimal arguments or problems. It may be possible, but then even the best relationships have their share of conflicts. The important thing is that couples should be determined to rise above the misunderstandings and reach a compromise.

In a society filled with broken relationships and unhappy unions, to dream for a happy union can feel like crying for the moon. However, it may not be far from reality if you learn to break free from mindsets preventing you from enjoying a fruitful relationship.