Ways to Create Christmas Memories as a Family 

by | Dec 13, 2023 | Family

Although there are many ways to enjoy the holiday season from the delicious food, the gifts, the parties, and the family gatherings, we never want to lose sight of what Christmas is all about! With faith and family as our top life values, creating meaningful Christmas memories is what we’re all about during the holiday season.  

Four Ways to Create Christmas Memories 

Don’t get caught up in the hustle and bustle. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, there are simple ways to enter the holiday seasons with gratitude, family, and faith without letting the stress of the season get to you. Here are four ways to create Christmas memories this season: 

Start with Thanksgiving 

Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season, and it’s a good thing since it’s all about gratitude. What better way to get into the Christmas spirit and focus on family than to bring an attitude of gratitude to it? Be intentional about practicing gratitude with the whole family and recognizing the many blessings you have. 

Clothes pins hold four cards to twine and spells the word “GIVE.”

Focus on Family 

Speaking of family, this is definitely a season to create Christmas memories together. And for us, faith and family go hand in hand. Remember to slow down and be intentional about how you spend time together. Make this season about more than presents under the tree. Although, gifting presents certainly is a beautiful way to show your kids how giving with their own time and resources is so rewarding. 

Giving and Serving 

Another core value of ours is “service.” Making connections with others and living a life of service is what being human is all about. Especially during a holiday that centers around giving, find ways to give and serve those around you or those in need. Head to your local church to find giving opportunities this Christmas. Your kids might not realize it now, but these Christmas memories will live with them forever.  

An advent calendar is made up of paper bags with printed numbers on them. Clothes pins hold the bag to twine that is attached to a wooden stick and a small wreathe made of pinecones.

Unique Advent Calendar Activities 

As December 1 rolls around, you know what that means … it’s advent calendar time! But we’re not talking about the chocolate calendars. Instead, let’s create our own! Fill your calendar with 24 meaningful activities that bring the focus back to memory making. Here are a few ideas of what these might look like: 

  • Take food to a food bank. 
  • Donate jackets and other warm clothing. 
  • Send a note to a friend or family member. 
  • Purchase a gift from a giving tree. 
  • Spread joy by going Christmas caroling. 
  • Have a family Christmas movie night. 
  • Create a hot chocolate bar and invite loved ones over to enjoy. 

The great thing about the advent calendar is that you can incorporate all of the other tips from this blog within it! Serving, family time, and gratitude. Want even more ideas? Check out this extensive list of meaningful advent calendar ideas

Joyfully Create Christmas Memories this Holiday Season! 

No matter how you celebrate Christmas, do it joyfully! All too often, the stress of this season can overshadow the true meaning of it. Focus on family, your faith, and be intentional about creating precious Christmas memories made along the way. 

If you want to live out your values all year round, consider creating a family mission statement! Check out our blog on how to create a family mission statement for ideas on how to get it done.