Three Ways to Reconnect With Your Partner

by | Mar 15, 2020 | Family, Relationships

Relationships have natural periods of ebb and flow. At times, you and your partner may be extremely close. Other times, you may feel a bit of distance between each other. Although ups and downs are completely normal, it’s important to be intentional about maintaining a solid bond no matter what phase your relationship is in. If you and your partner are in need of a little help, don’t fret. Here are three ways to reconnect with your partner.

1. Discuss The Origin of Disconnect 

It’s wonderful that you and your partner have decided to reconnect. But before you do, it’s essential to talk about what caused you to drift apart. Believe it or not, the mere act of discussing the origin of your relationship’s disconnect is a vital way to reestablish a strong emotional connection with your loved one. Have an open and honest discussion about what caused you to feel less connected to each other than you’d like. After, brainstorm realistic solutions and create a gameplan that works for your relationship.

2. Tell Them What You Love About Them

Now on to the fun stuff! The second way to reconnect is by sharing a list of qualities you admire about your partner. During periods of distance, we tend to reduce our frequency of sharing words of affirmation. To make up for this metaphoric drought, try showering your partner with reminders of how they captured your heart. You can do this verbally, in writing, or artistically – be as creative as you’d like. The goal is to help your partner feel flattered, confident, secure, and adored.

3. Create a Nightly Bonding Time

The last way to reconnect is through a routine. To avoid falling into a rut of doing your own thing, or growing apart, be purposeful about setting aside daily time for each other. Try to create a nightly bonding time where you and your partner agree to spend a certain amount of uninterrupted time doing something you enjoy. You may want to watch a Netflix show, cook dinner together, or spend thirty minutes talking about your day. You can even switch it up nightly. Just make sure to prioritize your time together to strengthen your bond as a couple.

Growing apart isn’t an immediate cause for concern. Busy schedules, differing interests, and daily routines are all common reasons that cause couples to end up feeling disconnected. The most crucial element is realizing when it’s happening and deciding to find a solution together. Use these three tips to reconnect with your partner and enjoy many happy years to come.