Making New Connections Wherever You Go 

by | Oct 11, 2023 | Relationships

Making new connections that are genuine, deep, and long-lasting takes effort. We’re not talking about surface level connections! In this blog, we’re sharing the progression of making new connections wherever you go in six simple steps. 

And, yes, these steps are simple, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t take you out of your comfort zone a bit. So be ready! 

Six Steps to Finding New Connections 

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Step 1: Find New Connections (and Common Ground) 

The number one question that’s asked when it comes to finding new connection is, “WHERE DO I FIND THEM?” In any business, networking is essential. So, let’s talk about how to find new people to connect with. The first thing to think about is finding others who you have something in common with because that will help you form a quick, strong connection. 

Here are a few ways to find people that you know you’ll already have something in common with: 

  • Facebook™ groups: Find groups to join that you are truly interested in.  
  • Book clubs: Are you an avid reader? Join a book club, whether in person or virtual!   
  • MeetUp™ – Have you heard of Head over there to find events, meet-ups, or clubs in your area! Again, search for your interests, and you’re sure to find your people. 
  • Sports – Do you enjoy playing sports? Find local adult leagues to join! Have fun and meet new people! 
  • Community Service – Meet new people by getting involved in the community! Need ideas? Check out our blog on living and loving a life of service
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Step 2: Light Up the Room! 

Now let’s get into what to do when you get in the same room as others. The first thing is to light it up with your smile! A friendly smile speaks a thousand words. Make eye contact, smile, and strike up a conversation by introducing yourself. We’ll help you take the connection to the next level in the following steps. 

Step 3: Ask Interesting Questions (AND LISTEN) 

No matter who you’re chatting with, show them you care by asking questions. It’s helpful to have a handful of ice breaker questions in your back pocket for those unfortunate awkward moments of silence. Here’s a list of great questions to ask at a networking event or more lighthearted conversations starters to help you break the ice

Get to know their story. You’ll be surprised how much people love to share about themselves.  

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Step 4: Give Genuine Compliments 

Along with that bright smile and ice-breaking questions, don’t forget to offer up compliments. This is another way to break the ice or start a conversation as well! “I love your dress,” “your smile is so inviting,” or “I like the tie” can go a long way!  

Once you’ve gotten into talking with them, you are able share with them more heartfelt compliments like, “Wow, I love your courage,” or “what an amazing story you have.” 

As long as you’re genuine, your compliments will make an impact. 

Step 5: Provide Value 

Don’t just talk to talk! Like we mentioned, listen with intention, and then provide value if you have something to offer. Now it’s time to help by suggesting a book or podcast that aligns with their needs, encouraging them, or connecting them with other people!  

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Step 6: Nurture Your Relationships 

Dive deeper with your new connections by nurturing your relationships. Whether you met them at a coffee shop, a networking group, or in book club, take the connection outside of that space! Get to know them more by inviting them out to coffee or lunch.  

For more ideas, check out this blog about nurturing personal and business relationships

Grow Your Connections and Grow Your Business! 

 Growing your network means growing your business. That’s simply how it goes in the world of entrepreneurship. So, focus on making new connections every day! 

Making an impact on lives is the goal. So go out there and be a difference maker