How to Motivate Yourself When It Seems Impossible  

by | May 13, 2024 | Leadership

Being motivated to work is an amazing thing. Oftentimes we will take advantage of the energy required to follow through with your daily to-do list and see all your responsibilities through to completion without realizing how much effort it takes. So, what happens when our fuel tank is running on fumes? How do you motivate yourself when it feels impossible? 

Those days when you want to do nothing but crawl into bed and go back to sleep may be few and far between, but everybody is still going to have them. There are plenty of reasons why people say they are unmotivated,  but the real trick lies in how you get yourself back in the game. Try out some of our tips on how to motivate yourself.    

Get Positive  

Being unmotivated is normal, but to move forward you need to focus on being more positive. Research has found that the most productive people remain positive even in inconvenient circumstances.  

By doing this, you’re forcing yourself to focus on how to fix things or make things better, instead of obsessing over failures. Failing is going to be a part of a lot of your  

experiences, but don’t waste your focus and energy on it. Use your “failures” as learning experiences and use them to your advantage. Get positive and get moving again… you will be back on track before you know it.  

Set Realistic Goals  

Believe it or not, you don’t need to accomplish everything at once. In fact, one of the best ways to motivate yourself is to reevaluate your goals on a regular basis. There is nothing wrong with scaling back in order to give tasks the proper attention and time.  Set a small list of goals for the day and work toward finishing those tasks only.  

If you finish those tasks early, great! Enjoy being finished, or make new goals if you still have the motivation and energy. Looking up at the peak when you’re at the base of a mountain can be daunting, but if you’re only aiming to hit the halfway mark for now, it can be less overwhelming.  

Reward Yourself  

An effective way to keep yourself motivated is through positive reinforcement. Allow yourself to be rewarded when you reach your milestones. It will train your brain into being excited to finish, and the whole process will become less of a chore.  

The rewards don’t need to be massive or life-changing either. Maybe you tell yourself that if you complete a certain number of tasks before lunchtime, then you can have dessert. Little rewards like this can go a long way in terms of motivation.  

After big milestones it’s okay to take the time and celebrate. Have a getaway planned for right after you are scheduled to complete a large undertaking not only to reward yourself, but also to allow yourself to rest and regenerate. A lot of motivation slumps come from burnout.  

Want some help coming up with reward ideas? Check out this fun list of appropriate rewards for yourself and your family.  

Quit Procrastinating  

Getting started is usually the hardest part of any project. Procrastination always affects people negatively, and it’s not going away. But once you get going on something, every action brings you closer to your end goal.  

Why put it off any longer? Sometimes just the first step is enough to energize you for the rest of the task. Most people need some sort of boost to help them get going. For some people it’s coffee, and for others it’s some sort of supplement. Figure out what you need to help you start and get to it!  

Motivate Yourself, Motivate Others  

Now that you’re motivated and ready to tackle what the world is going to throw at you, make sure to set an example for others. People look to leaders for inspiration, and you will inspire anyone willing to watch. Use that as another driving force to go out there and be your best self.  

We hope getting motivated also has you taking a step of faith toward your dreams! You’ve got this!