Can Your Faith Withstand Tough Times? How To Stay Strong Amidst Temptations

by | Sep 15, 2018 | Faith

You cannot deny it; faith plays a central role in living a meaningful existence. With faith, we do not have to go through this life in search for purpose and direction, and for most of us, faith is like an infinite wellspring of hope and inspiration. However, living in faith goes beyond declaring your beliefs. Choosing to live in faith is like entering a battlefield where you constantly have to defend yourself from countless trials and temptations. The continuous struggle to stand by your faith no matter what can be exhausting and there may be times when you see yourself in the losing end.

So where do you get the strength to keep on defending your faith? How do you prevent bad times from knocking your faith over? It may require all your willpower but it is possible to stay steadfast in a world full of temptations. The following pointers may help:

Know Your Weaknesses

As you try your best to live in a way that reflects your faith, it is important to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Acknowledging your imperfections and fears is like setting up shields and armors that will keep you alert and safe from the attacks of enemies.

Avoid Situations That Test Your Faith

You do not have to go into a war zone to prove how strong you are. Sometimes, the most effective way to resist temptation is to simply avoid coming face-to-face with it. You can easily do this if you are aware of your weaknesses. So choose to turn the other way or have the strength to say no if you think that a certain situation may tempt you to do something that will contradict your faith.

Remind Yourself That Everything Happens For a Reason

Trials and hardships can hit you so bad, you can’t help but succumb to anger and despair. You begin to question why things happen and you start to think that you don’t deserve it. The wisdom of realizing that everything happens for a reason will help keep your faith intact during uncertain times. Aside from thinking that the world is punishing you, switch to a positive mindset and think that the adversities will be of advantage to you in the future.

Be Aware Of The Consequences

Our actions and decisions during challenging times may empower or damage you. So whenever you feel tempted to stray away from righteousness, ask yourself if you are ready to face the consequences. Are you willing to give up something you worked hard for? Will the happiness you get from abandoning your faith be worth it?

Set Your Sights On The Rewards

Think of yourself as a diamond in the rough. Your faith needs to be tested so you can discover the treasures hiding within you. Welcome every problem you may encounter positively by seeing it as a gift. Tough times may push you to the limit but you can prevent yourself from giving up by staying focused on the rewards that await you.

Lastly, it is important not to disregard the importance of faith in today’s world. Likewise, you should resist the urge to listen to that inner voice that is making you doubt your decision to remain faithful. Keep in mind that the world is bursting with testaments of the wonders that extraordinary faith can do. By staying steadfast, you may find yourself moving mountains someday.