The Everyday Person’s Guide to Everyday Faith

by | Jun 20, 2017 | Faith

Practicing everyday faith is no easy feat. In fact, it becomes almost impossible to devote yourself to faith for at least a few minutes every day when it seems like every second of your life is already accounted for.  However, we must keep in mind that faith is that thing that keeps us afloat amongst all the chaos and can even move mountains. It is that small underlying rhythm that lurks beneath the tragedy of life, and it is the reason we make it past hardship and challenges that face us each day. It makes perfect sense, then, that to be a person who experiences the gifts of everyday faith we must practice faith every day as well– even if it’s in the most commonplace of ways.

Here are some tips to incorporating your faith into your everyday activities that are a bit more creative than mealtime and bedtime prayers.

Set part of a prayer or small piece of scripture as your computer password.

If you think of the number of times per day you type your password in to unlock your computer or any device for that matter, you will soon realize that you type the same word or phrase a pretty impressive amount of times in a day. And if your password is as random as most of them are these days, what a wasted opportunity to remind yourself of something important. What better way to practice small daily acts of faith than to remind yourself frequently throughout the day of one small prayer or piece of scripture that speaks to you?

Make a habit out of praying every time you buckle a seat belt.

This is a small and simple reminder that every time you buckle your seatbelt you are placing your life in the hands of faith. Try recalling a certain prayer intention each time you click your seatbelt. This small prayer request could be for a specific person, situation, or personal concern. But by intentionally praying for someone or something else each time you get in a car, your prayer intentions will soon grow to have no limits or boundaries.

Recite a prayer each time you wash your hands throughout the day.

This one knocks reciting your ABC’s while washing your hands right out of the ballpark. If you get into the habit of focusing on faith each time you wash your hands, not only will you be guaranteed sanitary hands, you will also end up with hands cleansed to serve. It is a simple and easy reminder that faith calls us to respond to our duty to serve those less fortunate than us.

Ask for the grace of God to carry others every time you put on your shoes.

When you are lacing up your sneakers or slipping on a pair of boots, do so with the intention of praying for those who don’t have anyone or anything to walk with them through their day. May the act of putting on your shoes remind you of your faith, which walks with you day in and day out. Pray with an intention for those who don’t experience such a sturdy and unwavering kind of faith, so that they may find the support they need for to embark on a faithful journey through life as well.