The Importance of Embracing Failure 

by | Jul 12, 2023 | Leadership

Experiencing failure isn’t ideal. It is, however, very much part of the entrepreneurial journey. When it comes to setbacks in our business, mindset is everything. And when someone passes on our opportunity (no matter the nature of our business), it’s crucial that we not only accept it, but that we welcome it. Because embracing failure helps us grow ourselves and our business in ways we couldn’t do otherwise. 

Here are four reasons to embrace rejection rather than be discouraged by it. 

You learn and grow. 

A person holds a ruler and a pen while writing on a blank page the words “Learn something”.

When you’re embracing failure, you’re embracing growth! There is always something new to learn from hearing the word, “no” when traveling along the road to success. The key is to reflect on the experience and implement necessary changes.  

Here are ideas to be sure you’re learning from every “no”: 

Take time to reflect. 

Ask yourself, “what went wrong, and how can I improve?” Journal the experience. Write down what you feel went well and what didn’t. Even if you resolve that it just wasn’t meant to be, you can still gain insight and learn from the interaction. 

Seek advice from others. 

Is there someone in your industry who you look up to? Seek their advice! Share your experience with them, or better yet, invite them to join in at your next networking event. They can give you insight on how to improve your presentation.  

Practice more. 

Practice makes progress! Ask a friend to help you out. If you’re working on your communication skills, practice demonstrating your product or business with a supportive friend. Practicing might feel awkward, but you’ll refine your skills! 

Release and move on. 

We live, we learn, and we move on! Embrace rejection by making the most of it and not letting it stop you from going after your dreams.  

You build resilience. 

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Consistency is key when you’re working toward big goals and dreams. And in order to be consistent, you must build resilience by stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing failure even when you don’t feel like it.  

Here are our tips for moving on after a setback:  

  • Step 1: Acknowledge your emotions. 
  • Step 2: Don’t let rejection define you or your skills.  
  • Step 3: Revisit the “You learn and grow” section. 
  • Step 4: Recognize your efforts and be proud of the progress you’re making! 

You’re stronger than you think. Let rejection be the catalyst for change, improvement, and courage! 

You gain more confidence. 

A piece of paper lay on a wooden surface with the word “courage” typed on it.

With every rejection, you’ll be reminded that you can accomplish more than you think you can, and that boosts confidence! Not only that, but remember all that learning, growing, and resilience building you’ve been doing? Those are all helping you gain courage, tenacity, and determination along the way. 

Check out this Business Insider article on “5 Ways Highly Confident People Handle Rejection” for helpful tips on confidently embracing failure.  

You find your people. 

Noella Olynyk takes a group picture with her friends.

Your business is not for everyone, and that’s okay. Whether you’re selling a service, a product, or a dream, you’ll find your people when you embrace the ones that give you a resounding, “YES!” Let go of the rest, and don’t dwell on the disappointment of rejection. They were not meant to be.  

When you find like-minded people, don’t let them go! They are the ones who will continue to cheer you on, encourage you, and inspire you to keep on going. 

Embracing failure leads to success! 

It’s all about stepping outside of your comfort zone. And if you haven’t noticed by now, pushing past your limits is the way to success. Embracing failure is very much a sign that you’re moving in the right direction and that you’re making progress!  

It’s also a sign that you are a leader! Check out our blog on how to “Lead Yourself Before Leading Others” for more self-development inspiration.