Embodying Courageous Leadership 

by | Sep 13, 2023 | Leadership

What characteristics do you think of when you imagine a good leader? Words like “trustworthy,” “creative,” or “intelligent “may be at the top of your list. And as there are many qualities that make up an excellent leader, today we’re focusing on courageous leadership and what it takes to embody a brave leader. 

The amazing thing about being a courageous leader is that you’re actually required to be a humble one. We’re confident that these six ways to develop leadership skills will not only encourage you, but surprise you, too! 

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Follow Through on Your Word 

One of the topics that we speak about the most is how crucial it is to be a person of your word. When you commit to something, following through on it is the bravest thing you can do because it won’t always be the easy choice. You build trust and respect when others watch you do what you say you’re going to do. 

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Listen Before You Speak 

Do you find yourself quick to speak and slow to listen? Let’s fix that because courage requires us to be open minded and consider others’ stories, opinions, and world views. This doesn’t mean that you must agree with them, but it does mean that you respect them. You, in turn, will gain the respect of others by truly hearing them and valuing their thoughts.  

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Admit When You’re Wrong 

There aren’t many more humbling experiences than admitting when you’re wrong. This is why our last tip of listening before you speak is so important. You might just find yourself in a position where you realize you were wrong. And that’s okay. Bravery is about being a servant leader and humbling yourself … because nobody is perfect! It’s about throwing aside your ego and admitting when you’re wrong.  

Humility goes a long way, and your team (or the people who look up to you) will appreciate your transparency and honesty. 

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Tell Your Story 

A big part of courageous leadership is being brave enough to tell your story. No matter where you’re at along your journey, your story is your superpower. It inspires, challenges, and even changes lives. You never know who needs to hear it, so tell your story any chance you get. The ripple effect will spread far and wide! 

Do Things That Scare You 

You may hear the phrase “step out of your comfort zone” a lot. But it’s for good reason! Because when you do things that scare you, you’re sure to grow. You WILL become a better version of yourself when you take a leap of faith. Not only that, the confidence and courage you build by doing hard things will become evident to those around you. Being courageous isn’t about being fearless! It’s about facing your fears and doing it anyway.  

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You Go First! 

It’s up to YOU to blaze a new trail! Leaders, by definition, go first. Be bold, stand up for what you believe in, live in alignment with your values, fight for your future, and in turn, inspire others to do the same. That is courageous leadership! 

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Courageous Leadership Means Leading by Example 

When it comes down to it, leading by example is the way to go. Being a courageous leader requires us to do deep inner work and make personal growth a lifelong process. Lead with your actions, not just your words. Your example will lead the way for others to follow and realize their own goals and dreams! 

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