3 Effective Tips to Grow Your Business Network

by | Aug 28, 2017 | Relationships

The relationships you make shape you into the person you are. Look around. Your life is overflowing with people who have influenced the way you live whether you recognize it or not. Your parents may have passed down family traditions and instilled values in you that play a role in how you raise your own family. Your long-time friends may have helped you establish healthy habits, tested your patience, and taught you what it means to be a friend to others. Even the regulars in your morning workout classes may push you harder to show up and give it your all every day to help you live a healthier life.   

So when it comes to the work environment, your coworkers and other people you associate yourself with in your business shape you into the kind of business person you are. The people you spend time with throughout your workday are the ones who you learn business practices and habits that influence your own path to success. So how do you grow your band of positive business influencers? You put yourself out there and grow your business network with other successful people in your field.

Read our 3 most effective tips to grow your business network, so you can increase your chances of success.

Attend any kind of events in your field

One of the easiest ways to network within your business is to go where the people you want to meet and learn from are. Lookup any events in your area that may attract the same kinds of people you want to meet, and carve out an hour or two for an informational talk on a Wednesday morning or attend a workshop over the weekend.

The key to making the most of these networking events? Don’t sit next to someone you already know. Put yourself out there, meet someone new, shake hands, and exchange business cards. You truly never know who you will meet.

Always follow up with whoever you network with

Whether you attend a formal networking event or just strike up an interesting conversation with someone in front of you in line at the coffeeshop, always make sure you follow up with them afterward. Give them a call or drop them a note in their inbox. Be sure to let them know you enjoyed talking with them because these kinds of interactions are what will foster more conversations to follow.

Check up on your online networking profiles

Polish up on your digital presence because the way you appear online goes a long way. Beyond updating and refining your profiles, make sure to engage with people online. Be active online and share articles, blogs, studies, or updates that interest you. In doing so, you will have an impressive and accurate tool to create organic relationships and network online.

Networking in any field can be a bit intimidating if you don’t know where to start. Lucky for you, we gathered these tips for you to effectively grow your business network.