For the Olynyks, health goes so far beyond just maintaining a healthy weight, eating right, and exercising regularly. At the crux of their entire health philosophy lies the Biblical scripture, which states, “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” With that verse in mind, Ryan and Noella choose to intentionally flush out all toxic thinking and renew their minds each day. They’ve found that this renouncing of negative thinking and influences has had a profound effect not only on their mental health, but also on their physical well-being.

In addition to practicing intentional positive thinking to improve their health and well-being, Ryan, Noella, and the kids all participate in the typical healthy lifestyle staples. As much as they possibly can, the Olynyks try to eat a healthy, balanced diet, chock-full of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and plenty of natural fiber. They understand the importance of staying hydrated, so they almost always choose water over pop, and they’re diligent about getting their daily recommended vitamins and minerals through food and other dietary supplements.

With regard to exercising regularly and staying in shape, the Olynyks are huge fans of working out, playing sports, and competing healthily with one another. Ryan and Noella met in a personal fitness training class in college, and while Noella was never a professional athlete, she takes sports, physical fitness, and competition just as seriously as Ryan, who was a professional hockey player, does. Both Ryan and Noella are incredibly competitive, and they’ve managed to engender that same healthy competitive spirit in their kids. Their whole family loves to participate in competitive team sports, from hockey to soccer and everything in between.

Above all else, they are so thankful that they are able to live their lives to the fullest and treat their bodies with respect. At the end of the day, Ryan and Noella Olynyk are grateful that they have the time and the freedom to be able to take care of their health and look after the well-being of their children. They recognize that good health is a gift from God, and they are eager to cherish and preserve that gift for as long as they can.