Ryan and Noella Olynyk have a strong, loving, Christ-centered family. They love their children and feel incredibly blessed that they’re able to raise world-changing adults.

What do they mean by “world-changing adults”? It’s pretty simple, really. Ryan and Noella firmly believe in the notion that they can’t raise world-changers if they make the entire world about their kids. As such, they make their marriage a priority, so they can work as a team to instill positive values in their kids. In turn, those positive values will help to shape their children into transformational, productive adults who have a love of God and a heart for serving others.

Ryan and Noella believe that it is their responsibility to ensure that their children grow up to be upstanding citizens who recognize wrong from right and always choose the latter.

But, while there is a focus on raising their children to be wonderful, world-changing people, Ryan and Noella Olynyk also try to focus on their own relationship and their own marriage a great deal as well.

Being full-time husband and wife and full-time parents is an important part of what makes the Olynyks so successful. It isn’t material wealth that drives them to continue to succeed; it’s the knowledge that all of those efforts pay off in being free to spend unlimited time with their family.