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Living and Loving a Life of Service 

We were made for connection. Human to human. So, it’s no surprise that serving each other cultivates togetherness, happiness, and a sense of belonging. But how do we go about living (and loving) a life of service in a way that fits into our busy lives? Our secret...

A wood beam has the word “TOGETHER” etched in it.

Lead Yourself Before Leading Others 

If you’re entering the journey of entrepreneurship, being a leader is a part of the job, whether you’re ready for it or not. But what if you’ve never been a “leader” before? One way to move forward with confidence is to lead yourself before leading others. ...

A man kayaks in the ocean with an orange sunset in the background.

Everyday Ways to be a Difference Maker 

The world needs your light. It needs your compassion and grace. It needs your story! And what it needs is for you to be a difference maker. We know that may feel like a lot of pressure, but don’t worry … being a difference maker isn’t as intimidating as it may...

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Pointers To Avoid Stress & Be Healthier

People who want to be healthier are quick to examine their diet and physical activities. Yet, while eating the right food and exercising regularly are necessary, there is another very important factor that can help us maintain our health. This factor is the ability...

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